Empowering individuals with varying abilities achieve their highest human potential.

Empowering individuals with varying abilities achieve their highest human potential.

The MVP Autism Foundation is dedicated to helping individuals with Autism and other varying abilities achieve their highest human potential. Access to educational, social, vocational, and communication opportunities will help achieve this goal.


Job training and development

Supported employment

Self advocacy

Benefit planning services


Nutrition awareness

Body strengthening and training

Personal hygiene and grooming

Mental health presentations


Art and music

Yoga and meditation

Social opportunities

Family, Medical and Communication grants

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Success Stories

Michael Stone

“With the help of the MVP Autism Foundation services Michael has been employed full time by the Marco Island Marriott as a cook for more 2 1/2 years. He couldn’t be happier. Michael is an accomplished driver and a Black Belt with Fox Martial Arts. He is very busy socially, and is enjoying life! Idela Hernandez with MVP has been instrumental in Michael’s success. She knew exactly what Michael needed and the resources available. With her guidance he went to driving school, cooking school, and supplied him with a great job. She even helped us before Michael was ready to enroll with them. Without Idela and the MVP team, Michael would not be where he is today.”

Kim Stone

Walter Lasek

“MVP Autism Foundation has helped my son Walter Lasek find and keep his job for a year! The job coaching was tailored to his needs and they made him feel worthy and ready to succeed. I would recommend MVP for their knowledge of government services and their patience.”

Debby Kays

Chris Wickman

“I call Idela Hernandez at MVP Autism Foundation my Guardian Angel. Why? Because while we were looking for help/support and guidance for our son, and not getting anywhere, someone gave us her name and suggested we contact her. She gave us 1 hour of her time and all doors started to open for us. She told us who we should contact and which agencies would be helpful. We did as she told us and we have never looked back. She is a master at what she does and really knows what she’s talking about. We would and have recommended Idela at MVP to other people. Chris is now happily employed at McDonalds.”

Jackie Wickman

S2C—Spelling to Communicate

A technique of teaching individuals with Autism and Apraxia the purposeful motor skills needed to communicate by spelling. Individuals are taught to point accurately to letters on a letter board to spell out words and eventually create sentences that express their thoughts and feelings.

My name is Michael Victor Presto

I am the inspiration for the MVP Foundation. I have Autism and have lived with its challenges. I have worked very hard to understand the world I live in. Every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with Autism. My wish, together with my parents, is for everyone to have a better understanding of Autism.

It is my hope that the community I live and work in will understand me and other autistic individuals. The MVP Foundation is located in Naples, Florida, but available to speak anywhere about Autism. Our audiences include but are not limited to the following groups: medical facilities, emergency medical responders, sheriffs departments, fire departments, schools including their students and staff, universities and colleges, civic organizations, churches, and corporations.

The love and support of my family and friends has helped me deal with the challenges of Autism. Through the establishment and efforts of the MVP Foundation it is my dream that together we can educate, empower, and enrich the lives of autistic individuals and the world they live in.